CAA Recognizes Our Best

CAA exemplary leaders are nominated by other CAA auxiliary and team leaders who faithfully participate in leadership development sessions. We established this as a way to recognize diligent service to God, God’s people and the ministry. Visit our site regularly to meet the honorees.

Our CAA exemplary leaders include:

Evangelist Melinda Elam, the president of the CAA Ministerial Alliance is recognized for her fearless leadership. Evangelist Elam assumed the leadership of the ministerial alliance during tumultuous times and has, in a short time, helped transform this ministry. Under her leadership, ministers participate in the CAA Ministerial Training Institute that she developed and are encouraged to become ordained and licensed through the Pentecostal Assembly of the World (our parent body). Her ministry is characterized by a willingness to hep build the kingdom. Whatever her hands find to do she does it. She has a strong passion for souls, well versed in the scriptures and operates efficiently in the gifts of power.

Minister Lisa Fielder is the leader of our Usher Ministry. Her ministry is characterized by personal sacrifice, diligence and dependability. Minister Fielder is also a dedicated member of the Ministerial Alliance. She leverages service with caring for her elderly father, children, and grandchildren.

Brother Ricky Greer is the leader of the Sons of Issachar, a leadership development ministry for young men ages 10-18. His ministry doesn’t stop there. Brother Greer is often found volunteering to help “get the job done” in any area that he is needed. He’s a coordinator for the Audio/Visual Department, a Transportation Team member, the vice-chairperson of the Single’s Ministry and an Armour-Bearer/ Administrative Assistant. God has blessed Brother Greer with the gift of “helps”.

Evangelist Alissia Young is one of our most active and dedicated leaders. Her primary ministry is leader of our Youth Ministry. However, Minister Young is an integral part of many other CAA ministries. She’s a member of the Ministerial Alliance, Health Professionals, Marriage Ministry, and Christian Education Department to name a few. Evangelist Young’s ministry strengths are delegation and empowerment.