Suffragan Bishop Edward T. McGhee



Suffragan Bishop Edward T. McGhee is the Founder and Senior Pastor of two churches: Alpha & Omega Church of Jesus Christ in Champaign, Illinois (1979), and the Alpha & Omega Bloomington Outreach Church in Bloomington, Illinois (1995). He and his wife, Elect Lady Deena McGhee, are the grateful parents of three blessed sons.

Bishop McGhee has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from DePaul University. From the Moody Bible Institute, Bishop McGhee has also earned achievements in Old and New Testament Studies. In 1988 he made the Dean’s List at Parkland College where he received an Associate Degree in Business Affairs.

Since 1983, Bishop McGhee has been a member of the Illinois District Council and the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. In 1990, he was elected District Elder, presiding over eight churches. From District Elder, Bishop McGhee was elected Council Chairman in 1994. Also, in the same year, he gave the Invocation for the State of Illinois Eighty Eighth Assembly of the House of Representatives. Bishop McGhee ministry was given recognition by then Representative and now Congressman Timothy Johnson and he was offered House Resolution No. 3221. Being elevated to the office of Suffragan Bishop in 1998, he was appointed over the First Jurisdiction region within the Illinois District Council.

Bishop McGhee preaches: the oneness of Jesus Christ, water baptism by immersion in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance, and the practice of living a holy and righteous life in this present age. Bishop McGhee is a well sought after, highly anointed and energetic speaker. Many souls have been saved, healed, delivered, and given direction by God, through his ministry. The Lord has blessed us with a true “Prophet”.



Elect Lady Deena McGhee is an authentic person. God unshackled her soul at the tender age of seventeen. Lady McGhee is an ordained evangelist actively working in the ministry. She loves altar work and has a gift of discerning the cry of a spiritual babe who is about to be born. Lady McGhee has a passion and compassion for souls. She leads the Women of P.O.W.E.R. Unity Prayer team, is the President of the Ministers’ and Deacons’ Wives, teaches Adult Sunday School class, serves as a member of the Administrative Team.

Elect Lady Deena McGhee attended Chicago State University where she studied Business Administration & Business Management. She received a Preliminary Teachers Certificate from the Evangelical Teacher Training Association.

Lady McGhee is a member of the Illinois District Council (IDC), and the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. (P.A.W.) She currently serves as the IDC Ministers’ and Deacons’ Wives President. Lady McGhee is grateful to God for her First Place Award Winning Tract, (Something Good is About to Happen) through the P.A.W. Christian Education Department.

Bishop and Elect Lady McGhee are the grateful parents of three blessed gentlemen.